The Internal Audit Unit is to assist the management in achieving the overall mandate of the ministry, by ensuring that all financial transactions is carried out in accordance with Government laid down rules and regulation.

Activities of the unit includes:

  • Management Auditing
  • Value for Money Auditing
  • Financial Auditing Reports are provided at the end of each month
  • Pre-payment Auditing of Overhead vouchers within 24 hours of receipt of such vouchers
  • Pre-payment Auditing of Salary vouchers within seven days of receipt of the vouchers from Accounts Division
  • Pre-payment Auditing of Contact vouchers within 48 hours of receipts of such vouchers.
  • Investigation of reported cases of fraud, embezzlement and loss of Government funds within 14 days of such report.
  • Auditing of store, Purchases issues.
  • Auditing of Ministry Parastatals account records.
  • Complete and continuous Auditing of Accounts recording of revenue generation and payment to the ministry.
  • The safeguards introduced for the prevention/prompt detection of fraud and loss of cash.