The Special Department is one of the professional Departments of the Ministry, with the Mandate of coordinating the overall national responses on issues relating to and affecting Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the country. PWDs include those with long-term physical, mental, intellectual and psychological impairments which could both be temporary or permanent; and hinder their full and effective interaction and participation in the society on an equal basis with others.

The Vision of the Department is to ensure effective care, development and eventual integration of PWDs into society thereby enabling them to develop to their full potentials. and contribute their quota to the development of the country and the world at large. The Department brings succor to all PWDs by ensuring that their rights are respected and protected, through policies, programmes, advocacy, capacity building, M&E, etc.

Functions of the Department:

(a) Formulating and implementing of various policies for the development of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs);

(b) Training of different categories of Persons with Disabilities on vocational skills and resettling them after their training;

(c)  Management of Braille Presses and Library services to meet the needs of the visually- impaired and the general public that may be interested in conducting research work on disability issues;

(d)  Monitoring and Evaluation of Rehabilitation programmes;

(e) Provision of Aids and Appliances to individuals and institutions that provide Rehabilitation services to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs);

(f)  Advocacy and community mobilization;

(g) Creation of awareness and sensitization of the public on the plights of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs);

(h) Coordination of Rehabilitation service delivery in the Country;

(i) The Department also liaises with National and International Organizations concerned with the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).