Public Procurement Department was established in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of the Federal Government Vide Circular Reg. No. HCSF/PSO/155/1/3 from the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation dated 31st March, 2008.

The Department was established with the mission to process all Government expenditure in a manner to achieve transparency, accountability, value for money and fitness for purpose through open competition as prescribed by 2007 Procurement Act. This Act established the National Council on Public Procurement and Bureau of the Public Procurement as the regulatory authorities responsible for the monitoring and oversight of public procurement, harmonizing the existing government policies and practices by regulating, setting standards and developing the Legal Framework and professional capacity for Public Procurement in Nigeria.


The detailed functions of the procurement Department are as follows:

  • Assessing the Procurement needs of the Organization
  • Designing the Procurement plan and strategies
  • Analyzing cost implementation of the proposed Procurement plan
  • Developing Policy guidelines on the award of contracts
  • Setting Procurement time frame
  • Assembling and collating briefs on contracts from various departments
  • Spelling out the requirements for bids and preparing tender notices for Publication
  • Receiving bid documents from contractors
  • Examining bid documents to ensure conformity with the conditions stipulated in the public Procurement Act 2007
  • Maintaining records of proceedings of Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB) meetings
  • Forwarding of approvals of the MTB to the Ministers/DGs/Heads of Agencies etc.
  • Conveying the award of contracts to successful bidders
  • Collating statistical information on tenders and award of contracts for use in planning and research
  • Liaising with stock Verifier and user Department/Units to ensure that works/goods/services delivered are in conformity with specification and contact terms