General Overview:

The General Services Department is one of the Common Services Departments of the Ministry saddled with the responsibility of managing/maintenance of the ministry’s infrastructure and general facilities management/stores management of the Ministry in order to have a conducive office environment for optimal performance, alignment of strategic goals and achievements of the broader mandate of the Ministry.


Functions of General Service Department

  1. Transport Administration
  2. Utility Services
  • Store Management
  1. Facility Management
  2. Maintenance Services
  3. Office Allocation


Activities Under the Department.

The department in the periods under review undertakes the following activities:

Considerations have been made to take care of the interest of the Junior Staff also, through the provision of Staff buses that would convey them from their different locations to and from the office. The routes are;

i Office, Nyanya, Mararaba to  Massaka;

ii Office, Airport Road to Gwagwalada;

iii Office, Kubwa to Suleja; and

iv Office, Jikwoyi to Karshi.


The new Headquarters complex consist of only forty (40) standard office rooms. In this regard a convenient transport arrangement had been put in place to facilitate easy movement of Staff and equipment to the new site on a daily basis for those who will remain at the Federal Secretariat.


 Stores Management:

The Ministry has three Stores within the Federal Secretariat Complex; one on the ground floor near the Secretariat Police Station and the other two at the Secretariat Basement (even though not specious).

There are also Ware-houses across the (6) six-geopolitical zones.

Maintenance Services:

The maintenance Unit of the Department which renders technical services to the Ministry is responsible for the repairs and replacement of existing facilities, structures, buildings or real property of the Ministry. The Department liaises with Office of the Head of Service of the Federation who owns this building for maintenance activities of the Ministry.

Office Allocation:

Our present location at the Federal Secretariat is too choked for all, and that is why both our Honourable Minister and the Permanent Secretary are making concerted effort for the ministry to move out of its present location to the new site. Currently, about 95% of the Job has been completed and in the interim, offices have been allocated to some of the Departments.  This is because we have only forty (40) standard Offices to be shared among all the Departments and Units of the Ministry which is not enough. Some Departments and Units will remain in the Secretariat and will be allocated with offices that are to be vacated by some of the Departments.

There is however an arrangement to ensure that distance does not create any problem because at least a shuttle bus will be provided to move staff and files to and from the Secretariat at an interval of every two hours, if our proposal is approved. We believe that in future the Ministry will construct additional offices at the back of the right Wing which belongs to us to enable the remaining departments, move in to the Headquarters.


The Department is also coordinating the Security personnel engaged and working for the Ministry both within and outside the Headquarters. Presently we have Forty of them. They have already been deployed across Four states of Kaduna, Lagos, Enugu and the FCT. We intend to provide more legionnaires to provide security Services where ever necessary.